Geeks Den – A haven for makers!

Making for all ages!

We’re more than just another store on the web selling gizmos and gadgets. We are passionate about the DIY community as a whole. We use the products we sell and have played with made things with nearly everything we sell!

Our focus is on teaching people young and old how to get the most out of all the fantastic things available in the maker community. Making is a family affair. If you visit us at a show or expo, you’ll see our families with us. They’ll be in the background of our pictures and videos, and we’re not ashamed of that. We’re not another faceless dropshipping reseller, but homegrown tinkerers who want to share our craft with as many people as we can!

This web space is currently a work in progress, so check back regularly for updated info! The online store will be launching within the next few weeks, so hang tight!

A couple of very tired Makers at the end of the Fort Wayne Hamfest/Computer Expo 2018…