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A 3D pen that’s affordable, safe, and easy to use, plus uses standard 1.75mm filament!

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Explore 3D modeling by your own hand with this 3D Pen!

A 3D pen is a great way to stimulate creativity and teach the basics of FDM 3D printing! We had a great time making butterflies, helicopters, and flowers with our pen. And I was able to use this as a vessel to teach how extrusion works, and we even got into a little bit of thermal dynamics and energy transfer!

Easy to use!

Creative play
Encourage creative play!

These 3D pens are easy enough to operate that Geeks Den’s resident 7 year old was able to make a flower for her mom (with adult supervision)! The front of the 3D pen features the feed/extrude button and an eject button. The back has speed and temperature selections. All you do is press the button to extrude and start drawing. Once you’ve mastered the techniques, you can draw both horizontally and vertically. It took us about 30 minutes with this 3D pen to get comfortable enough to try some of the more challenging templates, so it’s an absolute blast for the whole family! What really impressed me was that when extrusion is stopped, such as at the end of a line or to change position, the pen will retract automatically preventing filament from oozing out the tip and causing strings.

These support both PLA and ABS filaments with separate temperature settings for each. The hot end automatically heats to 190 degrees C for PLA and 210 for ABS. Additionally, these accept standard, commonly available, and affordable 1.75mm filament. So no need to buy specialty filament, and that’s extra good news for those of you who already own 3d printers and probably have some roll ends laying around (I know we do!)

Safe for young artists, too!

When left alone, the 3D pen will automatically retract the filament all the way out and shut off after just a few minutes. Which is also nice because the automatic retraction prevents the filament from crystallizing and clogging the tip. This pen also features a nice GFRP shroud over the business end. It gets warm enough you wouldn’t want to hold it (which you can’t during normal operation, even with my fat fingers) but not enough to cause any manner of injury. There is much less exposed “ouch zone” than your average hot glue gun. Though you can safely lay the pen down on it’s side, the included stand makes it even safer.

Plug the pen into any available 2 amp USB outlet and let the creativity fly!

Package includes:

Package contents
Package contents, sample patterns (actual patterns vary), and filament colors available
  • 3d pen
  • USB Power cord
  • Three 3 meter filaments
  • Instruction manual

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Dimensions 7 x 5 x 4 in


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